Easiest way to make lemon cream cheese bars

Who does not love to go outside and eat different types of sweets, because of the very reason that they are yummy and they bring joy.
1.    You are supposed to heat the oven to the temperature of 350°F for the lemon cream cheese bars.
2.    Secondly, you will have to beat the butter, along with almost 1/3 cup of powdered sugar and the vanilla essence. For the better results you can beat it with the electric mixer in a bowl, you have to keep on beating until it is blended properly. Then start adding flour. The quantity of the flour should be 1 to one and a half cup.
3.    Then you have to prepare the pan for the baking process, take the pan grease it with oil. Add the batter press it and add some nuts in to it.
4.    The baking time of this batter
5.    While the process of baking is taking place, you can beat the cream cheese along with sugar. Then add eggs and add lemon zest and juice with some flour.
6.    The baked crust will be topped by this frosting and then it will be baked again for 25 to 30 minutes.
7.    Cut it into bar shapes and serve.